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Delta Foundation was established in 2007 with a mission to develop and implement long-term social, educational, cultural and endowment projects and programs that will improve social environment in the communities in which Delta Holding operates.

Its establishment integrated all philanthropic activities of Delta Holding member companies.

 Target groups of Delta Foundation are:

  • Children without parental care
  • People with disabilities
  • Socially vulnerable population
  • Talented pupils and students

Delta Foundation strategically plans its activities and projects that contribute to the long-term strengthening of the community.The most important projects in 2014 were:

  • Help to the population from flood-hit areas
  • Support to educational institutions and talented students
  • Projects aimed at supporting cultural and sports activities of persons with disabilities
  • Continuation of the activities of the Fund for the Future
  • Further development of the Family Strengthening Program

From 2007 to 2014, Delta Holding invested EUR 33.5 million in the community, and 546,562 people received aid through 2,623 activities.

In 2014, the Foundation implemented 490 humanitarian actions, 154,090 people received aid, and EUR 1.9 million was in invested the community.

In 2014, Delta Holding adopted a five-year business strategy that also integrates Delta Foundation strategy for the period 2015 to 2019. The company will deal with solving social problems in the areas in which it already has developed skills, expertise, practice, and unique resources.

By strengthening the capacity and potential of citizens through education and training, and supporting the development of social enterprises in the field of agriculture, as well as by strengthening families and through endowments, the company will contribute to reduction of poverty and unemployment, and to higher quality of personnel.

In accordance with the determined five-year goals of the company, the following socially responsible initiatives are planned in the next period:

  • Development of socially responsible cooperation in the field of agriculture, enabling education and employment of the disadvantaged category of the population (people with disabilities and socially vulnerable citizens);
  • Development of young gifted students of agricultural schools through the „Fund for the Future“. The program will be redirected to scholarships, education of children and practical training of economically disadvantaged students from agricultural high schools;
  • Construction of Delta Holding second endowment, the Centre for Sports and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities, commencing in 2015;
  • Support for talented students for their studies at home and abroad.


Delta Foundation carries out strategically important projects of historical significance that will permanently solve problems of the community in the field of social protection, education, culture and health.

The second endowment of Delta Holding

In 2015, the construction of a new endowment in Kragujevac is planned, namely the Centre for sport and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. The partners in this project are the City of Kragujevac and Paralympic Academy „Junior“.

The 500 square meter centre will be built near the memorial park Šumarice. Construction is planned to start in spring of 2015. In this Centre, unique for its content and vicinity of sports infrastructure, the persons with physical and sensory disabilities will be able to participate in sports, receive rehabilitation, and education, as well as to rest and socialize, and some of them will be employed too. This facility was designed with the aim to provide the best conditions for the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and become a regional Paralympic Centre.

centar za sport i rehabilitaciju OSI

In 2012, Delta Foundation built and donated to the city of Belgrade the Day-care centre for accommodation of children and youth with disabilities „Sun“, and since then, it has been actively assisting and participating in the work of the centre with more than 80 beneficiaries daily.

During 2014, Delta Holding organized several humanitarian actions in the Centre „Sun“, endowed by, the Foundation.

Universal Children’s Day

Association for helping people with developmental disabilities „Live Together“ and the Centre for children and youth with disabilities „Sun“ from Belgrade, in cooperation with Delta Foundation, marked Universal Children’s Day on 20 November 2014 at the Centre „Sun“. Children without parental care and children with disabilities celebrated their day playing games, dancing and singing.

The inclusive performance involved participation of the children from the primary school „Laza Kostic“ and from the Centre for accommodation of infants, children and adolescents from Zvecanska Street in Belgrade as well as the children from the day-care centre for children and youth with disabilities „The Sun“.

This is the fourth time already that Delta Foundation marked Children’s Day with friends.

New Year holidays in Delta Holding endowment

In 2014, the Foundation organized the third New Year’s celebration party for the beneficiaries of the Centre „Sun“. Actors from the studio theatre „Kids’ Land“ performed the children’s rock and roll cabaret „That would be fine,“ and Santa Claus delivered 100 New Year presents to the children, prepared by Delta Foundation

Care for the community

In May 2014, Serbia was hit by disastrous floods. The decision of the management of Delta Holding and Delta Foundation was to redirect the funds planned for the realization of new projects and the construction of other endowments in order to help the community and the people affected by this natural disaster.

 Flood relief

In the first days after the catastrophic floods in Serbia the primary concern was to save peoples’ lives. That was the time when the affected people were helped by providing basic livelihoods. Delta Holding and Delta Foundation immediately came to help with donations in water, food, hygiene items, clothing and footwear.

Phase I: Emergency Assistance and Crisis Staff

The Company created a team for the support to the flood affected areas consisting of the employees from the Human Resources Department, Corporate Communications Department, Protocol Office, and Delta Foundation. The Support Team of Delta Holding worked together with the crisis staffs formed by governmental and non-governmental institutions and directed donations of water, food, beverages, hygiene products, clothing and footwear where it was most needed.

All the members of Delta Holding donated goods from their programs. Mioni, Danubius, Yuhor, Florida bel donated water, basic food items and canned food. Delta DMD delivered personal hygiene items, disinfectants and cleaning products. In the course of the campaign, Delta Sport provided 20.600 pieces of clothes, 4.100 pairs of shoes and 4.000 T-shirts. Delta Sport donation to high school students in Svilajnc is also worth mentioning. As they were forced to leave their homes due to flooding, each of the 304 students from the high school “Svilajnac” was given a pair of sneakers and a T-shirt, as well as 187 high school students from the agricultural and veterinary high school with the student dorm „Svilajnac“.

Urgentna pomoć i Krizni štab

Delta City became donation collecting point from the citizens. In addition, the employees of Delta Holding organized and collected substantial aid in clothing and footwear for their colleagues. They largely responded to the humanitarian action of Delta Sport that organized the sale of their products, and all the money obtained was used for the reconstruction of houses of employees affected by the floods.

Immediately upon the opening of a dedicated flood relief fund by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Delta Holding paid one million dinars.

In addition to material support, the Company also contributed by providing the necessary services. The employees who lost their homes and the international rescue teams were provided with accommodation in the Crowne Plaza Belgrade, Park and Nacional hotels. In addition, the Crowne Plaza prepared and delivered food to rescue workers and volunteers in the affected areas.

The floods have caused serious damage to the country’s transportation network. This is why the major challenge faced by all was delivering assistance to those most affected. Significant logistical support in resolving the situation on the ground was provided by experts from Delta Transport System.

The psychological support to flood victims provided by psychologists from the Human Resources Department was of great importance as well.

Phase II restoration of Agriculture

It was soon clear that the floods caused disastrous consequences throughout the country and that it will take long time to completely repair the damage.

The management of Delta Holding and Delta Foundation made a decision to focus help on sustainable development, i.e. on strengthening of local production.

In order to help preserve and strengthen livestock in the affected areas, Delta Agrar sent 190 tons of animal feed to the seven most affected municipalities of Serbia (Paraćin, Valjevo, Bajina Bašta, Smederevska Palanka, Trstenik, Krupanj and Obrenovac). During the campaign, Delta’s experts provided advice to farmers on the spot. Delta Agrar offered a guaranteed purchase of everything that is offered for sale from all the manufacturers in this region. With this action, Delta Agrar provided support to farmers in the affected areas of Serbia in the most difficult moments.

For the assistance provided to Serbian farmers after devastating floods in May 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection presented a recognition plaque to Delta Holding.

zahvalnica od ministra

Phase III reconstruction of the employees’ homes

The floods destroyed the homes of Delta Holding employees as well. Shortly upon the receding of water, the colleagues from Delta Foundation and engineers from the company Delta Real Estate paid them a visit to assess the damage. During the visit they found that it was necessary to rebuild two houses and 13 houses needed refurbishment. To the 14 employees who have suffered property damage which did not require reconstruction of facilities, financial assistance was paid in.

Funds for the reconstruction of houses have been provided partly by donations of employees in Delta Holding, while the second part was financed by the company.

Faza obnova kuća zaposlenih

Phase IV #DeltaZaObrenovac (Delta for Obrenovac)

Proceeding with the flood relief campaign, Delta Holding decided to refurbish a street in Obrenovac, the town most affected by May disaster.

After visiting potential sites and talks with many local people, the decision was made to help the residents of Sava Kovačević Street in Obrenovac. At this location, 19 homes needed renovation, while 4 houses had to be rebuilt. These are the family houses of old residents of Obrenovac, the oldest of which was built back in the 20s of the last century. Delta Holding invested EUR 350.000 in the reconstruction of Sava Kovacevic Street.

The Company wanted to support and encourage the residents of Obrenovc, to show them that they are not alone and that they can count on help in difficult moments.

poplava 4 faza Obrenovac

Works on elimination of flood effects started in August and ended in October. In the final stages of the action called #DeltaZaObrenovac (Delta for Obrenovac), three apple trees were planted in each yard symbolizing health and victory of life over the devastating natural disaster. Along with the houses, the park at Sava Kovacevic Street was redone as well. A new lawn was placed together with a gazebo as a point of gathering and socializing of residents. The President of Delta Holding visited all the residents of the street who had their homes reconstructed on this occasion.

poplave kolaz

Delta Foundation also responded to the appeal of young artists to help restore Sports and Cultural Center in Obrenovac. Thus, within the action #DeltaZaObrenovac, the music studio called „Warehouse“ in the students’ cultural centre of Obrenovac was renovated as well.

Total aid to flood victims, directed by Delta Foundation in the name of Delta business system, reached EUR 861.365.

The initiative of Delta Foundation to help the flood affected population was also backed by the contribution of Belgrade Rotary Club, Leo club from Udine (Italy), Pompea, and by the scholarship holder, Aleksandar Pavlovic, the piano student at the Royal College of Music in London, who organized several concerts in the capital of Great Britain.

Massive floods in May 2014 took away much of what could not be recompensed. But in difficult times, fellowship helped in the effort to override the disaster.

infografika poplave


Education and Culture

Education is the root of every progress. For this reason, since 2012, the Foundation has been supporting educational institutions and culture projects and implementing a special support program for young talents for their studies at home and abroad.

Support for talented students

Based on public competition announced in 2012/2013, and in accordance with clearly specified criteria, Delta Foundation selected 12 students who received scholarships for continuance of their education and covering their living expenses throughout their studies.

 Delta Foundation proceeded with its support to students in the academic year 2013/2014, through a special student grant project intended to the most talented ones.

The right to continuance of financial support was granted to those students who timely meet their contractual obligations and met requirements for continuation of their studies at the same or higher level of education in Serbia and abroad.

115 str tabela students

Educational Institutions

Based on the achieved results of students, for the second consecutive year, the Foundation awarded a financial grant to the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade to cover the costs of the international case study solving competition BBICC (Belgrade International Business Case Competition) and the costs of international competition of the students from this faculty.

The competition in solving case studies BBICC was held in April of 2014, for the second consecutive year at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. Students from twelve universities all over the world were faced with the same business challenge, and the case study was set by the pasta manufacturing factory „Danubius“, operating within Delta Agrar.

The Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade presented Delta Holding and Delta Foundation with the recognition plaque for successful cooperation, contribution in high results of students, and for the support of the Faculty’s development to date.


Support the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra from Nis

In 2014, Delta Foundation supported the participation of the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra „Naissus“ from Niš on the international competition of youth orchestras in Bratislava, where they won the gold medal in the category of symphonic orchestras.

Delta –  The Third Parent

Group of programs and projects called „Delta the Third Parent“ aims at improving and advancing the quality of life of children without parental care and children from socially disadvantaged families.

Fund for the Future

Program supports professional development of children without parental care.

The „Fund for the Future“ was launched in spring 2006 aiming to motivate career advancement of the children without parental care living in social care institutions.

The program lasts for two years and it is implemented in the following stages:

  • Call for applications and selection of scholarship recipients
  • Monthly scholarships
  • Business and practical training
  • Certificate award
  • Students scholarships – support for further schooling
  • Employment

Each September, the competition is open in social welfare institutions for children in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kraljevo and Krusevac. Day care teachers and tutors from welfare institutions and representatives of Delta Foundation are responsible for the selection of youth to participate in the program.

The selection criteria for the scholarship program are the following: 

  • The candidate must be a resident of welfare institution for children
  • The candidate must be on the penultimate year of high school
  • The candidate attends school regularly, and
  • The candidate is of good behaviour.

The two year training program is accompanied by monthly scholarships for students. There are three levels of scholarships and their value depends on the school achievements, school attendance and general behaviour.

Business education of scholarship holders is carried out in two semesters. Within 72 hours of theoretical training, the scholarship recipients attend courses in the fields of corporate culture, active job search, motivation, communication, and the rights and obligations of employees.

Practical training is carried out through visits to Delta Holding member companies. On these occasions, managers and employees of the Company inform the scholarship recipients about the methods of business operation, organizational structure and potential jobs.

In the course of regular program activities, scholarships students of the generations 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 visited the following business units of Delta Holding:

  • Factory „Danubius“ in Novi Sad
  • Delta Auto company in Belgrade
  • The estate „Progress“ in Stara Pazova
  • Delta DMD distribution centres in Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad

In 2014, the ninth generation of scholarship program „Fund for the Future“ successfully completed business and practical training in duration of two years.

At the ceremony organized in Delta Holding, 16 scholarship recipients from the Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica, SOS Children’s Village in Kraljevo, children’s home „Jefimija“ from Krusevac and the Center for Protection of Infants, Children and Youth in Belgrade, received certificates of programme completion. The seven best among them received tablet computers as presents.

Following the graduation from high school and the program „Fund for the Future“, Delta Foundation continues to provide support to young people without parental care on their way to independence. Some of them chose to proceed with their education and go to university, while others wanted to start working.

In the school year 2014/2015, Delta Foundation awarded scholarships to 21 children without parental care upon their successful completion of the program „Fund for the Future“. Four of them were employed in Delta Holding system following the program completion.

FZB tabela eng

fond za buducnost

Family Strengthening Program

Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica in cooperation with SOS Kinderdorf International launched the „Family Strengthening Program“ in 2012. In 2013, Delta Foundation joined them. The aim of the program is to prevent seclusion of children from dysfunctional families. Program activities are aimed at supporting the biological family and creating conditions that allow growing up in a healthy and stimulating family environment.

The program includes:

  • Psychosocial support (regular home visits, individual counselling work, the self-support club)
  • Support in the realization of various entitlements
  • Educational workshops for children and parents
  • Inclusion in numerous services that support children and families
  • Advocating children’s rights in the local community
  • Financial support

Delta Foundation funds the work of two social workers and the purchase of materials and tools for business start-up of the vulnerable families. In addition, frequent donations in clothes, footwear, hygiene items and food helps those families meet their basic needs on the road to independence.

Each year, a trip is organised during Easter holidays for the children under this program, so that 50 children from Žabalj and Novi Sad spent Easter holidays playing sports games and having fun on Fruska Gora in the village of Alibegovac.

In May 2014, President of Delta Holding, Miroslav Miskovic, visited the Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica and on that occasion he donated a check for RSD 500.000,00 as an additional support for the project.

jacanje porodice

The results of Family Strengthening Project: from 2012 up to date, over 107 families with 218 children went through the project. Eleven families achieved sustainability, and 7 of them will continue with their development without the help of social workers.

During the project, the members of 14 families completed various courses, after which they were provided with material for starting their own business in order to be able to earn and provide for normal growth and development of their children.

tabela jacanje porodice 1 eng


tabela jacanje porodice 2 eng

During the exchange fair held at the Crowne Plaza Belgrade, the representatives of institutions and organizations for social protection in Serbia presented their projects and needs, and socially responsible companies and individuals took part in the fair as well. On this occasion, Delta Foundation and the Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica signed the Protocol on the continuation of cooperation on the „Family Strengthening Program“.

Support for the persons with disabilities

Delta Foundation supports active participation of persons with disabilities in social life as well as their inclusion. That is why from the beginning of its establishment, the Foundation has supported the implementation of projects aimed at their independent living and at organizing sporting, recreational and cultural events for persons with disabilities.

Support to the establishment of In Centre – the centre for inclusion, innovation and integration

Delta Foundation provided financial support for the adaptation of the premises of In Centre, the centre for inclusion, innovation and integration from Belgrade. The centre provided great contribution to the improvement of social entrepreneurship and employment of people with disabilities, based on the model from developed European countries. At one place, this centre offers different types of support to individuals, organizations and business sector, with the emphasis on the provision of services free of charge to persons with disabilities.


Support to the Day-care centre „Puž“ from Smederevska Palanka

The Foundation presented a check for 500.000 dinars to Day-care Centre for Persons with Disabilities „Puž“ from Smederevska Palanka, managed by the Association for helping mentally challenged and autistic persons. The funds are intended for furnishing of the sensory room and purchase of the equipment necessary for the improvement of general working conditions of the day-care centre „Puž“.

Support for the opening of the first therapeutic garden in Serbia in the nature reserve „Zasavica“

Delta Foundation supported the opening of a therapeutic garden in the nature reserve „Zasavica“, intended for the activities of children and young people with mental and intellectual disabilities.

The aim of this therapeutic garden is training and work engagement of members of vulnerable groups in growing crops for the production of organic food.

Support to sporting activities of persons with disabilities

During 2014, Delta Foundation supported numerous sporting activities of persons with disabilities:

Ninth cycling marathon Kragujevac – Mostar was held in September 2014, when the athletes from Paralympic Club „Junior“ and cycling club „Worker“ from Kragujevac, with their tour to Mostar, marked the decade of competitive tandem cycling, a sports discipline that has become available to people with impaired vision. At the ceremony organized to mark the start of this marathon, Paralympic Club „Junior“ presented a plaque to Delta Holding and Delta Foundation for their outstanding contribution to the promotion of sport, creative and intellectual potentials of people with visual impairments.

The volleyball team of persons with disabilities „Phoenix“ from Kikinda organized the fifth „Kikinda Cup 2014“ supported by Delta Foundation.

The sixth international tournament in sitting volleyball „Belgrade Trophy“ was held on 14 and 15 June at the Sports Centre „Rakovica“. The organizers of the tournament are the sitting volleyball club „Spike“ and Belgrade Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities, supported by the Secretariat for Sports and Youth of Belgrade. The tournament aims to influence the popularization of sitting volleyball and sports for persons with disabilities and gather a large number of teams from Serbia and the region. The club Spike presented Delta Foundation with the plaque “Sitting Volleyball Club Spike” for its support in the organization of the 6th International Sitting Volleyball Tournament „Belgrade Trophy 2014“.

In September 2014, the Foundation supported an inclusive race „I am running to send a message to the world“. The race organizer was the Sports Club for persons with disabilities “Winners” from Belgrade. Around 200 children and persons with disabilities participated in this race. The aim of this event is to promote opportunities for persons with disabilities, their social inclusion and integration in the community.

Podrška aktivnostima osoba sa invaliditetom

Delta Sport donated sports equipment to Kragujevac sports club „Bees“ who hosted the national football championship of Special Olympics Serbia in May 2014. Twelve teams from Serbia participated in the championship.

Delta Foundation provides supports to organizations of persons with disabilities in their realization of sports activities by donating sports equipment as well.

Delta Foundation was presented with the Plaque of Belgrade Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities for outstanding contribution to the development of sports among persons with disabilities in 2014.

Support to the activities of persons with disabilities in the field of culture

During 2014, Delta Foundation supported the realization of the following projects in the field of culture:

  1. Film festival for persons with visual impairments
  2. Belgrade Film Festival for and by people with disabilities – BOSI fest
  3. The performance of „Waiting for Godot“

For the fifth time in a row, the Foundation extended financial support to the Festival of adapted and dubbed films for people with visual impairments. Apart from being screened on the festival organized by the Association „Homer“ from Belgrade, the films were also shown on the second channel of the Radio Television of Serbia. The dubbing and adaptation of films allows people with visual impairments enjoy the most significant achievements of the seventh art.

For the fifth time in a row, the Foundation supported the organization of Belgrade International Film Festival for persons with disabilities. The organizer of the festival was Hendi-centre „Coloseum“ from Belgrade. BOSIFEST is the only festival of its kind in Southeast Europe helping people with disabilities through the realization of their artistic and other potentials, and their engagement in creative reality of our society.

The Foundation supported the performance of inclusive play „Waiting for Godot“ featuring famous local actors together with persons with visual impairments. „Waiting for Godot“ was organized by the „Integration Workshop” and this was the second play of this association featuring blind and visually impaired actors.

With the aim to help in restoration of the oldest children’s theatre in Belgrade, the „Bosko Buha Theatre”, in addition to financial donations, Delta Foundation provided two disability access ramps and electrical platform.

Support to socially vulnerable in gaining independence

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day: teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time

Support to the establishment of living and working community for persons with disabilities in Golubinci

By furnishing the house in the village of Golubinci near Stara Pazova, the Foundation supported the onset of the program: „Living and working community for persons with disabilities – Oasis Golubinci“, implemented by the association „Living Together“ from Belgrade. The goal of the program is the independence of people with disabilities by organizing agricultural estate and occupational therapy. This program includes the services of supported housing for persons with disabilities, thus preventing their institutionalization.


Support to the Association Optimist from Bosilegrad

The Foundation supported the Association Optimist from Bosilegrad with a financial donation for building another greenhouse aimed at further development of social entrepreneurship. The Association was established to assist in economic strengthening of the municipality and South Serbia, through building capacity, motivation and skills of key stakeholders, the young and vulnerable groups primarily. In the course of its seven years of existence, the Association has focused on three key areas: social entrepreneurship, environmental protection and youth. The beneficiaries of this association include 35 families from Bosilegrad.

The involvement of Delta Holding employees in humanitarian work

 “We run for the butterfly children“

For the second consecutive year, the employees of Delta Holding took part in Belgrade Marathon, to provide support to patients with epidermolysis bullosa.

More than 200 employees and their families participated in the Fun Run, and around 200.000 dinars was collected in the humanitarian campaign.

„Debra“ is the association that gathers the parents of children and adults suffering from epidermolysis bullosa, a rare hereditary skin blistering condition, when skin damage occurs even at the slightest touch or pressure. The association currently includes 36 people with epidermolysis bullosa who are also called the butterfly children“, due to high sensitivity and fragility of their skin. The funds were used for the purchase of special patches that protect the skin from external influences.


„Santa’s Little Helpers”

For Christmas and New Year holidays, Delta Holding organized a humanitarian action called „Santa’s Little Helpers“. The children of Delta Holding employees prepared 125 Christmas gifts for their friends from socially disadvantaged families included in the „Family Strengthening Program“.

The caravan of Mini cars brought gifts to the Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica, and after New Year party and magician’s performance, Delta Foundation pleased the young ones with the New Year presents.

Deda mrazov pomocnici

Blood Donations

In cooperation with the Blood Transfusion Institute, Delta Holding organizes blood donation sessions on a regular basis.

In 2014, there were three such sessions, to which the employees traditionally responded in large numbers, aware that in this way they help in saving lives of their fellow citizens.