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In 2014, Delta Holding achieved the best results from the onset of the economic crisis. According to the consolidated balance, total income amounted to EUR 434 million. The consolidated balance did not include Delta MC with the recorded income of EUR 3 million.

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Significant indicator of successful business operations is growth of EBITDA to 51 million euros, which is 28% higher than in 2013. Growth at Delta Agrar Group was 16%, at Delta Real Estate Group 30%, and at Delta Distribution 8%.




In this period, the company realized export in the amount of EUR 57.4 million. Delta Agrar alone achieved export in the amount of EUR 53 million.


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During 2014, the company invested EUR 27.7 million in:

  • Construction of a new distribution and logistics centre Delta Transport System – EUR 10.2 million
  • The second ULO cold storage facility on the farm Podunavlje in Čelarevo – EUR 6 million
  • Refurbishment of office building Mala Kula – EUR 3.5 million
  • New production line for short pasta in Danubius factory – EUR 1.8 million

In 2014 as well, the Company funded its operations from its own resources and loans obtained from banks and other institutions. In the course of implementation of its business activities, incentives and subsidies prescribed by national legislation and available to all business entities were also used.

In 2014, Delta Holding paid 10,6 billion dinars of taxes to the budget of the Republic of Serbia and budgets of local governments. Of this amount, 2.2 billion dinars are paid for taxes and contributions, and 8.4 for VAT.

In 2014, the company invested EUR 1.96 million in the community. Major portion of these resources were directed to the assistance to people affected by the floods. The Company invested the rest of the funds in the implementation of projects aimed at improving the quality of life of vulnerable groups, support of educational and cultural development, and employee support.

Since the establishment of Delta Foundation in 2007 to date, the Company has invested EUR 33.49 million in the local community.

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