Ethics and Integrity

As a leader and one of the largest domestic companies, Delta Holding has a responsibility to set new standards in business and an example that will encourage the development and implementation of best business practices. In every business segment, whether it develops existing jobs or creates new opportunities, the Company demonstrates clear commitment to respect for the law and ethical principles.

The Code of Business Ethics stipulates norms of conduct that facilitate making, professionally and organizationally acceptable decisions. It is intended for all employees, and outsourced personnel engaged in any part of the Company.

Each employee of Delta Holding is required to be familiar with the provisions of this code.

Under this Code, the Company is committed to protection of employees’ rights while respecting the following standards:

  • Respect for diversity
  • Prevention of harassment at work
  • Right to a safe and healthy workplace
  • Right to vocational training
  • Right to salary
  • Respect for political rights of employees
  • Protection of personal information of employees

The Code also stipulates the responsibilities of employees for the protection of Company’s reputation. In that respect, it is clearly stated that:

Persons responsible for managing the Company, employees, and outsourced personnel in any part of the Company are responsible to act in the best interest of the Company, and to make their assessments based on the information and opinions of experts as well as to carry out the assigned tasks in the manner that the Company’s interest does not subordinate their personal interest, or in manner that may cause a conflict of interest between them.

The rules of business ethics exclude any offering, giving, promising or accepting cash, goods, rights, services, gifts exceeding the value of advertising products (EUR 50) or the ability to influence another person in business relations with the Company.

Company employees and outsourced personnel performing activities in the name and for the account of the Company are required to keep business secrets that they may have learned in the course of doing business. Business secret is any information whose unauthorized disclosure to third parties could harm the interests of the Company and its business partners.

The Code defines fair relations with customers, end users, suppliers, state institutions, the media and the community, which implies recognition and respect of their needs and interests in their daily work. Transparent and open communication is recommended as well as providing truthful and timely information to all stakeholders.

In addition, the Code of Ethics includes the environmental awareness strengthening of all employees and business partners.

In 2014, parts of the Code of Ethics were incorporated in the employment contract signed by the employees when entering employment relations. For any questions regarding the ethics and integrity, the employees can contact the Human Resources Department and labour law officers.

Apart from the Code of Ethics, for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the Global Compact Ten Principles and ISO 26000, the Company adopted the Code of Business Conduct, Policy of Social Responsibility and Pro Bono Policy. These documents confirm the commitment of Delta Holding to protect the environment, prevent corruption, protect human and labour rights and support the development of the community in which it operates. The documents are available to all employees on the internal portal.

In various creative ways Delta Holding seeks to educate and remind the employees about these norms. During 2014, an internal campaign promoting the company’s values was carried out. By anonymous voting, the employees selected three colleagues whose attitudes and behaviour best reflect the values to which the company aspires, and they were appointed the ambassadors for innovation, achievements and integrity.