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  • United Nations Global Compact – a voluntary initiative of businesses committed to ten universal principles of socially responsible business operation in the area of human rights, labour, environment and anticorruption. Delta Holding has been a member since 2008 actively participating in social inclusion, environmental protection and the development of corporate social responsibility working groups.
  • International Labour Organization (ILO) – an international organisation responsible for the preparation and implementation monitoring of international labour standards. It is a “tripartite” UN organisation bringing together governments, employers and workers to shape policies and programmes which promote universal fair working conditions for all. Delta Holding has been a member of the Group for the Employment of People with Disabilities since 2010.
  • Frends of Europe (FOE) – Les Amis de l’Europe is a leading think-tank organization that aims to stimulate thinking on key global and European issues that span political, economic, social and environmental challenges. Using insightful publications and animated debates, it provides access to sharp analysis on current issues. It promotes the confrontation of ideas that is vital to policymaking and encourages wider involvement in Europe’s future. FOE wishes to be a voice of those who are not sufficiently represented in the debates within the EU institutions but whose opinion is important for the future of Europe. Delta Holding has been a member of this organization since 2014.


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