Delta Holding Stakeholders are:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Contractors on construction projects
  • Tenants in shopping malls and business apartments
  • Banks
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Media

The employees present their opinions on the company’s development and the degree of work satisfaction in strategic workshops, through contacts with the direct supervisors, middle and senior management. Furthermore, the employees have the opportunity to make various suggestions and comments to Human Resources Department by sending a message to the email address[1] or by scheduling interviews with personnel designated for staff support within the Open Door programme, every last day of the month.

Managers and employees are in constant contact with external stakeholders, whose satisfaction is monitored and tested by prepared interviews and surveys[2], during regular meetings and through corporate channels of communication: web sites with highlighted email addresses, call centres and social networks. Their opinion is integrated in the daily decision-making.


Priority activities in the field of sustainable development are defined in strategic workshops for the development of ecology, employees, product quality and safety, relationships with customers and suppliers and the community. The colleagues from all members of Delta Holding participated in these workshops. All fields were integrated into the Sustainable Development Strategy, which was adopted by the Board of Directors together with the Business Strategy.

In the course of the year, the ranking of individual CSR issues was also conducted according to their relevance to the company’s operation. The Board of Directors, managers and employees rated the planned activities according to:

  • Their impact on economic results
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Compliance with internal rules and code of conduct
  • Compliance with business strategy
  • The impact on health and safety
  • The impact on the environment
  • The importance for the reputation

After an internal review, 19 socially responsible aspects were singled out according to their importance for the future development of the company. The questionnaire was then sent to more than 100 external stakeholders, asking them to provide their opinion on the importance of aspects for the development of their business and the community as a whole. The results obtained from the internal and external surveys are as follows:

aspekti matrica

The survey results from all parties interested in the business operation of Delta Holding imply that investing in the development of healthy and quality products is vital for sustainable development of the Company, its stakeholders and community in general.

All of the above mentioned aspects and results obtained in these fields will be presented in the chapters: Market Responsibility, Ecology, Human Resources and Investment in the community through philanthropic activities carried out by Delta Foundation.