Application of Reporting Principles


The vision of Delta Holding is for it to be in the eyes of its clients, partners and staff a strong global company recognisable for its values, and its operation is accordingly aimed at satisfying the needs of all interested parties. In this respect, the CSR Report focuses on information which may be of interest to all parties which are in direct or indirect contact with the Company.


The Report states in all of its chapters the manner in which the Company promotes relations with interested parties, surveys their satisfaction levels and defines plans for further development. In this regard, the Company welcomes feedback on the content and quality of this Report and will duly take them into consideration for the purpose of preparing subsequent reports. Contact details for the provision of feedback are available at the end of this Report.


The significance of the Company for further development of Serbia and the region is conditional upon continuous development of operations in line with sustainability principles. Memberships in international organisations and active participation in international conferences, fairs and seminars confirm that the Company strives to bring to Serbia the best international experiences. The five-year operating strategy clearly defines each segment of activity, also taking into account prospective changes in the region and the occurrence of other circumstances which may affect further growth and sustainability of operation.


The Report contains information and data as at 31st December 2014 which, where applicable, was compared to the 2013 data. Financial and economic indicators were taken from the report compiled for the annual Company meeting.


The Report contains information on all areas included in the presented GRI indicators, which are of relevance to all interested parties. Achieved results are presented, as well as challenges that the Company faces in its operation. Thus, insight into segments that require improvement is given.


Stakeholder will be able to compare the Report with the similar reports published by other companies. This is enabled by the application of GRI standards and indicators used for definition of GRI reporting levels. Data for the reporting period are also included; the same measurement methods were used throughout the report, were applicable. Application of different methodology, the reasons and effects of the aberration are also listed. There was no correction of the date edited listed. There was no correction of the data edited in the 2013 Report.


The Report contains qualitative and quantitative data, listed with the highest possible precision and accuracy. In absence of the original data, separate calculations were made and listed together with a detailed explanation of the methodology behind them. Financial and economic data are in the Company’s financial statements.


The report data will allow the stakeholders to reach timely and informed decisions on cooperation with Delta Holding based on data from Report.


Principles of clarity and simplicity were observed and the wording of the Report is clear and simple. Explanation of certain terms and abbreviations is in the footnotes.


According to the reporting principles adopted by the Company, independent evaluation is necessary for ensuring information and data reliability. Accordingly, independent verification of this report was performed by the auditing firm KPMG d.o.o. Beograd.