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Proper selection of personnel, their personal and professional development, motivation and satisfaction are the tasks of Human Resources Department that leads the employees towards the achievement of Company’s vision, mission, goals and values.

Human Resources Department of Delta Holding carries out the mentioned activities through three divisions:

  • Recruitment and selection,
  • Training and Development, and
  • Labour law

Recruitment and Selection

The starting point in the realization of the Company’s plans and goals is in the recruitment process. Therefore, the team in charge of recruitment and selection process selects the following candidates:

  • with potential because they achieve excellence;
  • who are self-confident and provide integrity,
  • with creativity, as- they introduce innovation;
  • who are ambitious and have achievements, and
  • who are team-orientated, because the care for people is the very foundation of a company’s success.

The recruitment and selection team adheres to those values in the selection of candidates for employment, but also during the selection of students engaged through the system of professional practice.

In 2014, 454 new colleagues were employed and thanks to the developed internal selection system and mutual cooperation of all Delta member companies, 108 colleagues had an opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge and utilize their full potentials by working in another segment of Delta Holding system. All employees who were offered to change the place of work received the official document with detailed terms and conditions, the statutory period of 8 days for their declaration on the offer and the Annex to the employment contract. During 2014, 301 employees left the Company.

82 str tabela Employees turnover 1 tabela

82 str tabela Employees turnover 2 tabela

During the year, due to the current requirements of work, 155 new positions were opened. The largest number of new positions was created within Delta Agrar due to the expansion of operation to foreign markets and the enlargement of teams due to increased workload, as well as in Delta Transport system due to rapid increase of activities in domestic and international transportation.

Following the sale of the insurance business and parts of sports and fashion businesses, certain number of employees of Delta Holding was engaged by the new owners of these businesses. Due to such circumstances, the total number of employees decreased compared to the year 2013.

Total number of employees and engaged persons as of 31 December 2014, was 4,433.

During certain months, Delta Holding engages even more than 5.000 people, since additional workforce is hired for seasonal jobs.


Young Leaders Programme

From 2012, Delta Holding has been implementing the programme called the Young Leaders, an innovative project in the field of employment of young talented people with no previous work experience. In each of the first two generations, 20 young leaders were hired.

In 2014, through the selection process for the third generation of young leaders, 4,624 candidates applied. Due to great interest, it was decided to extend the program, which resulted in the recruitment of 30 motivated young people, willing to learn, develop their career and improve company’s operation.

The program envisages that young leaders become familiar with the operations and processes during their one year work in three or four different sectors of Delta Holding, thus getting the full picture of the company’s operation. When planning their rotation among sectors, their orientation and preferences is taken into account, in order to achieve compromise between the company’s needs and the interests and inclinations of young colleagues.

In addition to the mentorship support provided by the employees from the departments in which they perform their internship, the Young Leaders from the previous generations were assigned as mentors to the third generation of Young Leaders.

The program Young Leaders is presented via internet at Apart from the general information, the website includes news and updates on recent activities as well as a blog containing posts on impressions and experience of the new generation of Young Leaders and their predecessors.

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Training and Development

In its work, the team in charge of training and development is focused on two important fields:

a) creation of stimulating corporate culture that supports the continued growth and development of expertise and skills that enables outstanding business achievements, and

b) identification of potentials at all hierarchical levels,

The 2014 strategic plan of activities is based on the results of the analysis of internal communications and satisfaction of employees. The research conducted under the slogan “Your opinion matters to us” during January and February 2014 throughout the entire company was followed by an internal campaign with participation of 69% of employees.

The results of research indicated that it is necessary to:

  • familiarize the employees at all hierarchical levels with the Company’s vision, mission and values
  • invest continuously in the development of leadership skills of senior and middle management
  • develop a sense of belonging to the Company through better exchange of information and involvement of all hierarchical levels in decision-making
  • additionally motivate employees at lower hierarchical levels.

Development of Leadership Skills

One of the priorities in 2014 was the development of leadership skills. Human Resources Department organized a number of trainings on efficient leadership for senior and middle management. The most significant ones include:

  • Training: Change management for top, senior and middle management
  • Training for personal development and team leadership
  • Trainings for strengthening communication

In addition to trainings, a series of projects aimed at developing and promoting leadership and knowledge transfer from higher to lower positions in the company were also conducted. The most important ones include: annual interviews, mentorship, and welcoming the newly-employed.

Company Resources

 During 2014, young company’s potentials were selected for the participation in the project Delta’s Future. The selection process required the manager’s recommendation based on the achieved results and expertise, the assessment of compatibility between the company values and the values of individuals, as well as the review of degree in which the targeted skills are developed. For the 23 selected promising employees, this development program was created and it will be implemented during 2015.

The employees on senior and middle management levels, who achieved outstanding results, were assessed using the 360 degrees method, during 2014. For the 39 of them, the strong points and fields that require further development were identified.


Mentorship represents a very valuable form of knowledge transfer. Within the company, mentoring support is provided to employees who change positions and to those colleagues who require specific knowledge and skills due to specific work requirements.

In addition to internal engagement, Delta Holding employees as mentors contributed to the wider community, working intensively with students throughout the year. In 2014, one manager participated on the AMCHAMPS project of the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia, while two young managers of Delta Holding were selected for the next year’s project, when they will pass their knowledge and experience to new program attendants and help them develop their talents.

Student Practice

The students engaged on professional practice have the opportunity to learn about the tasks and assignments in the chosen sectors and to acquire basic knowledge of business operation. Through working practices and projects, students have the opportunity to learn about the company and areas of operation and the Company gets in touch with young potentials that represent the basis for the positions to be opened in the future.

In addition to the cooperation regarding working practice, Delta Holding intensively cooperates with universities various projects.

Welcoming the Newly-employed

The aim of this project is that each newly employed colleague becomes familiar with the company’s vision, mission and values through personal and direct contact with one of the company’s leaders at the very beginning of his career. In this way, new colleagues immediately get the clear and broad picture of the company’s goals and of the behaviours that the Company fosters on the way to realization of goals.

The Best Worker and Best Team

Human Resources Sector launched “the Best Worker and Best Team Project”.

The people within the company who achieved best results in the previous year owing to their work, energy and accountability were selected through an in-house selection process.

The selection criteria for the best worker were the following:

  • he/she is on the non-managerial position
  • diligence (e.g. maximum number of working hours, least amount of mistakes in the work, etc.).

Based on these criteria, six colleagues from different parts of the system (Agrar, Danubius, Kozara, Delta Motors, Delta DMD and Delta DTS) were declared the best workers.

Different sectors from all member companies within Delta Holding applied for the best team of the year competition, of which, four teams were shortlisted.

najbolji radnik i radnica

The best team was selected based on the following criteria:

  • achieved business results,
  • evident commitment to a common goal
  • good communication, i.e. open exchange of ideas
  • mutual support, trust and respect
  • enthusiasm about their job and the company
  • conduct of the team members in terms of corporate values: excellence, achievement, concern for people, innovation, integrity,

The Delta City team won the award for the best team in 2014.

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Open Door, My Opinion

During 2014, Human Resources Department created two additional channels of communication with colleagues:

  • Open door (the possibility of scheduling a meetings with HR) and
  • My opinion (email:, for proposals, suggestions, comments)

The counselling work of employees from Human Resources Department resulted in the improvement of communication between the managers and their employees, and among the employees themselves. Adoption of new functional insights positively affected the personal efficiency. Namely, the employees were provided with:

  • tools for resolving conflict situations in which they may find themselves
  • help in realizing how they are perceived by their colleagues
  • support in adaptation to changes
  • guidelines for improving communication
  • the review of the status and potentials of certain employees was made possible
  • improved work conditions.

By establishing these channels the company has demonstrated that it highly regards the needs of its employees, and that it is willing to hear about and implement the initiatives that are achievable at a given moment.

Apart from counselling, concrete activities of adaptation of company space were implemented.

The example of such activities is the action called “Cycling to work”. Special parking space for the employees’ bicycles was provided in the Delta Holding car park, in order to promote healthy lifestyle and environmental protection.

The Development Project for DMD

As the follow up of the employee satisfaction survey, in the last quarter of 2014, the team in charge of Education and Development had interviews with the employees from Branding, Sales and Merchandising departments of Delta DMD company, in order to define the factors that affect the level of satisfaction at the work. The results of their survey are presented in the action plan for the support of the employees’ improvement and the increase of their satisfaction, which will be implemented during 2015.

Trainings and Education

For the purpose of development of knowledge and skills in the areas for which they are engaged, during 2014, the employees attended professional training and education courses in the country and abroad. The acquired knowledge enabled application of the latest achievements in the Company’s operation, and professional and efficient performance of daily activities.

The employees attended trainings in accounting, auditing, transfer pricing, security, health and safety, safety of persons and facilities, the fight against corruption, waste management, energy efficiency, property rental, creating confidence among customers, growing fruits, animal husbandry, etc.

91 str tabela training


Lectures of distinguished people, scientists and renowned experts are regularly organized at Delta Holding, for all employees. The 2014 lectures included various topics such as:

  • Defeats are but short breaks for future victories, the lecture on Mihailo Pupin presented by Aleksandra Ninkovic Tašić
  • How to live to be a hundred, lecture by Prof. Branka Jakovljevic about the importance of nutrition for health and longevity
  • Building a team and taking responsibility in crisis situations – on the importance of team spirit for the achievement of utmost goals, lecture by Dragan Jaćimović
  • The foundations of capital are people, not money – the lecture on the global changes and their impact on men, held by Prof. Ivo Šlaus
  • Exercise as a lifestyle – about the importance of exercise and physical activity in modern world, by Prof. Vladimir Koprivica.

Traditionally, these lectures raise great interest among the employees who use these opportunities to broaden their general knowledge and get information on social issues of relevance for both their private and business life. These are open lectures and all employees are welcome to attend. Average attendance on these lectures is about 100 people.

Internal Communications

Internal communications represent a new business function in Delta Holding, established in July 2014 based on surveys of employee satisfaction.

Internal communications should enable more efficient exchange of information and ideas and create closer connection between the employees and the company. For this purpose, internal communications strategy was developed focusing on sound and clearly defined system of internal communications in which each employee is a brand ambassador, with the developed sense of being a part of the company, thus actively contributing to its development and progress.

One of the most important roles of internal communications is to contribute to creation of an environment in which each employee feels that his/her efforts and the work results are appreciated and valued.

In 2014, internal campaign called „Choosing the Ambassadors of Our Values“ for the promotion of corporate values of Delta Holding was also launched.

By anonymous voting, employees selected three colleagues whose attitudes and behaviour best reflect the values to which the company aspires. In 2014, the ambassadors of excellence and innovation were chosen.

In 2015, in continuation of the campaign, the ambassadors of achievement, integrity and care for people will be selected.

Benefits and Solidarity Aid

All employees of Delta Holding, regardless of whether they are engaged full-time or part-time, or on a fixed-term or indefinite term, are paid solidarity allowance in the event of the child birth, illness, illness of an immediate family member, death or death of an immediate family member. The children of the deceased employees attending school regularly are paid monthly stipend till the end of their schooling.

Each year, Delta Holding provides New Year gifts for the children of employees up to 8 years of age.

For all employees of Delta Holding, collective supplementary health insurance in case of serious illnesses and surgical interventions was contracted, together with the collective accidents insurance (24h).

Non-discriminatory principles and protection of human rights

The company is exclusive when it comes to any form of discrimination. Therefore, all texts for job advertisements and admission of new employees in the Company include the following non-discriminatory statement:

All candidates in the process of selection for a position with Delta Holding will be treated equally. Persons looking for employment will not be indirectly or directly discriminated in terms of gender, language, race, colour of skin, age, pregnancy, health condition, nationality, religion, marital status, family obligations, sexual orientation, political or other beliefs, social background, financial standing, membership in political organisations, trade unions or any other personal feature. The rule is that all candidates must be at least 18 years old when starting employment. The purpose of selection is to enable the Company select those candidates whose qualifications, skills and competences are best suited to the requirements of the subject position.

95 str tabela Employee gender structure

95 str tabela Employee age structure

The employees are required to respect diversity in their relations with clients, customers, suppliers and other business partners.

In 2014, there were no reported cases of discrimination at work.

Along with their employment contract, all employees are provided with the document containing the rights and obligations with regard to the prohibition of harassment at work. There were no reports on this matter in 2014 as well.

There are no positions or processes within the company that may have cause forced labour, nor the engagement of minors.

Suppliers with whom the Company cooperates are mostly international companies that respect the principles of human rights that prohibit the employment of children and forced labour. According to available information, local companies with which Delta Holding cooperates, also respect the diversity and operate in accordance with applicable laws that explicitly prohibit forced labour, harassment at work and the exploitation of child labour.

The company allows trade union organization and collective association of employees.

96 str tabela percentage 2 tabela

96 str tabela percentage 1 tabela

Employment of persons with disabilities

Persons with disabilities are equal members of Delta Holding personnel. The Company believes that persons with disabilities can and want to work and they are fully supported in that respect.

For years, Delta Holding has been successfully cooperating with the organization Youth with Disabilities Forum to create better conditions for the reception of the newly employed. Forum members provide expert advice to the teams to be joined by the persons with disabilities. They also give lectures on which the employees become more familiar with the method of communication with new colleagues and with the opportunities and challenges that they face in everyday life. Good information helps eliminate all doubts and prejudices about the capacities of people with disabilities.

The Human Resources Department provides further support in career development and acquiring of new skills to the colleagues with disabilities. There are 49 people with disabilities currently employed in Delta Holding.

The company has adopted the etiquette in communication with people with disabilities available to all employees on the internal portal.


Determination of Salaries

The earnings of employees are determined exclusively in accordance with the requirements of the subject position. This means equal valuation of the work that requires the same degree of education, the same responsibilities, the same amount of work, and intellectual and physical abilities, regardless of gender or any other personal features of an employee.

The earnings of all employees, including the Board of Directors, consist of:

  • salary for work performed and time spent at work
  • earnings based on the employee’s contribution to the Company’s business success (awards, bonuses, etc.).
  • other employment-related income, in accordance with the general act and the employment contract

The earnings for work performed and time spent at work consists of basic salary, part of the salary for performance at work and increased earnings.

Basic salary is determined by the President of the company or a director of the member company, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.

The employment contract for managers and executives may determine basic earnings in the amount exceeding the basic salary prescribed in accordance with the elements stipulated in the general act, based on the degree of qualification, complexity and responsibilities of job, and the conditions of performing the subject job.

Basic salary is expressed in nominal gross value in the employment contract for full-time and standard work performance.

The performance related earnings is determined based on the following general elements for the assessment of work performance:

  • realized activities in relation to the planned ones
  • the volume of work done
  • the quality of work performed
  • an employee’s attitude towards the assigned duties
  • accuracy in performance of duties
  • work and technology-related discipline
  • achieved operational results for the employees in departments

The earnings can be increased up to a prescribed percentage in accordance with the provisions of the general act, depending on the performance of employees or the achieved business results of the company.

Furthermore, an employee can be paid a one-off reward or given an in-kind gift for extraordinary efforts at work, and in accordance with the current possibilities of the company.

99 str tabela Employee wages compared

Occupational Safety and Health and Fire Protection

Delta Holding strictly adheres to all aspects of health and safety at work prescribed by legislation.

Application of the latest technologies and preventive measures of health and safety at work and fire protection enables meeting the conditions for a healthy and safe stay of the employees at workplace and auxiliary facilities.

Furthermore, the working environment conditions are regularly examined at workplace, and that was also done in the winter and summer of 2014. In accordance with the regulations, the review and technical validity of equipment and working tools was performed.

The employees attend lectures and trainings on health and safety at work when they start their employment in the Company, and when they change workplace within the company or in case of introduction of new technologies in the work process.

At workplaces with increased risk and workplaces where despite the application of preventive measures it is not possible to ensure completely safe working conditions, the employees receive special work wear and personal protective equipment. The health status of employees in workplaces with increased risk is monitored through periodic medical examinations.

For all employees using a computer on their work for more than four hours a day, medical eye examination is organized. In order to provide safe and proper use of computers, IT sector has provided all employees with an application reminding them every two hours to take a break by doing the recommended stretching exercises followed by a four minute walk.

Standard procedure also includes precaution measures in the form of setting timely and clear signage and warnings to eliminate the possibility of injury among employees, guests or visitors (placement of signs for slippery floor, for example).

However, in case of an injury, the employer provides adequate assistance to the injured employees on site in accordance with medical procedures, and then provide them escort and transportation to the nearest clinic. The employee’s health status is monitored until recovery.

Two percent of the company’s employees are trained in giving first aid and their knowledge is regularly updated.

In certain organizational segments, in accordance with specific needs, in addition to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, the standard BS OHSAS 18001 was also introduced, thus upgrading structure and control of operational health and safety measures.

On the estates and farms of Delta Agrar, the application of GLOBAL GAP standards ensures additional safety and security of workplaces. This standard requires regular risk assessments in relation to the potential dangers of injury, work with chemicals, and potential violation of hygiene. The standard provides continuous checks of employees’ competences for farm and field work, as well as trainings and education in the field of health and safety at work.

The largest number of injuries in 2014 was recorded in Delta Agrar Group, however the number of work days lost due to absence from work actually decreased. The only serious injury (shoulder blade fracture) occurred in the Krusevac factory within Delta Agrar, but it occurred due to negligence and fall while moving backwards.

101 str tabela injuries

The increased number of injuries in Yuhor factory occurred as a consequence of increased workload. More than 100 employees were in daily contact with sharp objects. In order to stop the growing trend of injuries, appropriate organizational measures were taken.

Employees responsible for safety and health at work worked continuously on raising awareness of workers in manufacturing plants to the importance of safety measures. In that respect, extraordinary lectures in the field of safety and health at work were organized, thus further emphasizing the necessity of application of protective measures.

The number of injuries increased in Danubius factory due to traffic accidents on the way from the work place to the place of residence (construction of a new bridge caused traffic jams in the part of town in which the factory is located).

Workspace in factories is additionally covered by surveillance cameras, in order to determine the cause of injuries more easily and accurately.

Additional precaution measures taken in order to minimize the chances of injury:

  • visitors need to receive brief summary on protective measures to be taken when entering the factory and sign a declaration of awareness
  • placement of additional number of luminaires in factories to increase lighting of work posts and installation of communication passages to allow easier evacuation in case of an accident
  • setting motivational posters and instructions for proper hygiene in the factory

The initiatives implemented in 2014 include: updating the Risk Assessment Act, regrouping of working processes, raising awareness of the management about safety and health at work.

For the works on the adaptation of the office building “Mala kula” and construction of the distribution and logistics centre in Stara Pazova – DTS, Delta Real Estate engaged external contractors.

As an investor, the Company was obliged to:

  • Appoint a coordinator in the design phase and construction phase
  • Adopt the plan of preventive measures and rules of conduct on the site
  • Provide supervision works during the construction phase

Prior to commencement of the construction works, the investor informed the contractors in full detail about the plan of preventive measures and codes of conduct on the site. By the authorized person’s signature, the contractor declared agreement to comply with the above measures.

The contractor was required: to submit a study on the regulation of the construction site in accordance with the Law on Safety and Health at Work and to submit proof that the workers are provided with adequate equipment for the execution of specific tasks, that they underwent medical examinations, that they are equipped with and wearing protective equipment, and that the scaffolding used for the construction meets the required safety standards. In addition, Delta Real Estate made sure that all workers engaged on site are legally employed by the contractor.

Delta Real Estate coordinated and controlled the construction process and application of the principles of safety and security through regular visits to the construction site. During the meetings of the investor with all contractors’ representatives, possible irregularities were discussed, with specific instructions and requirements for their immediate correction. Owing to such approach, only one light injury occurred in the course of construction.

In the new distribution centre, a study on working environment was performed and the state of the art systems ensuring safe operation are installed. These are the systems for:

  • detection of methane (in the gas installation room)
  • detection of hydrogen (in the room with the forklift chargers)
  • video surveillance system with IP cameras (optical zoom) is installed to ensure safety of the facility
  • fire protection (sprinkler system „FM Global, 2-0“)
  • automatic fire detection system („Notifier AM 6000“)

As the prevention of being hit by a forklift or a transport vehicle, and for the sake of safer movement of employees in the warehouse and within the circle of the entire facility, horizontal and vertical markings were placed.

Since a number of occupational injuries occur as a result of traffic accidents, the employees of Delta DMD and DTS went through trainings on safe driving. Routes and driving speeds are monitored by means of installed GPS devices. If it is determined that a driver drives unsafely, such driver and his manager receive an e-mail of warning.

In 2014, a series of trainings aimed at improvement of safety of employees and guests were held in the Crowne Plaza, Belgrade. The trainings included safety and health at work; safety of persons and premises, security of guests in recreational zones, standards of appearance and personal hygiene, food safety (HACCP), fire protection, first aid, bomb threats and escape routes. These trainings were attended by all employees.

The company also accommodates the employees’ requests for additional checks of the working environment conditions. The example of such practice is testing of the level of electromagnetic radiation in the premises with technical equipment carried out in Hotel Park in 2014. This test showed the radiation levels within the normal range.

All employees undergo basic training in the field of fire protection no later than 30 days from the commencement of employment. Additional training includes instructions on the procedures in emergency situations (technological accidents, natural disasters, etc.). Knowledge in these areas is updated every three years.

Work spaces are equipped with fire-extinguishing equipment, fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems, fire dampers, panic lighting and other systems installed to ensure safety at workplace.