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According to the management, employees and external stakeholders, the responsibility for products and services is one of the key aspects of sustainable development of Delta Holding.

The responsibility for products and services includes the production of healthy and quality products and services in compliance with the highest international standards and their adjustment to the needs and requirements of customers. To maintain the top quality of products and services all the way to the end-users, strict quality management procedures are obeyed not only in production but also during packing, storing and shipping of products.

Proper selection of suppliers is one of the basic principles of sustainability. Delta Holding member companies choose those partners who also respect the principles of social responsibility and have the certificates of quality management and product safety (HACCP, ISO, Global Gap). Long-term relationships with suppliers represent a guarantee of constant and sustainable quality. The clause prescribing respect for the principles of safety and protection at work, basic labour rights and environmental protection in the processes of operation will be introduced to all contracts with suppliers in 2015, as a confirmation of the commitment for adherence to the highest ethical standards and principles of social responsibility.

Grafik dobavljaci

The opinion of customers is crucial for market success of companies. All member companies of Delta Holding conduct annual customer satisfaction surveys and the obtained results are carefully considered and taken into account when developing new and improving existing products and services. Consideration and implementation of innovative ideas contributes to the completion of products range and increase of quality.

Such business approach contributed that all members of Delta Holding achieved excellent results in 2014 in spite of many challenges in the environment.

In 2014, there were no complaints regarding the impact of the products and services of member companies to the health and safety of consumers. The company is not engaged in the sale of prohibited or disputed products.

Products of all members of Delta Holding are properly labelled and contain all the necessary information on the origin and amount of the components of which they are made, and recommendations for safe use and disposal of packaging, therefore, in 2014 there were no complaints of buyers and consumers in that respect. In 2014, there were no complaints on the accuracy and correctness of information in marketing campaigns, nor were there any customer privacy violations.