Delta DMD and DTS

Delta DMD is one of the leading companies in the distribution of consumer goods. It operates through five regional centres in Serbia and Montenegro: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Čačak, Niš and Podgorica. Logistics and transport of goods is performed by DTS fleet consisting of more than 500 vehicles with capacity of 2 to 25 tons.

 Delta DMD implements integrated quality management system ISO 9001 and HACCP food safety system. DMD and DTS warehouses in Belgrade and Niš are certified according to the requirements of IFS logistics 2 standard. The application of this standard ensures the preservation of quality and safety of products in the process of their storage and transportation to the end users. In warehouses in Novi Sad and Čačak, this standard is not applied, since the Cross Docking practice was adopted there, which means that the goods are immediately distributed to the customer, without storage procedures.

Delta DTS

Delta DMD has a modern WMS (Warehouse Management System) system for warehouse management. WMS enables the monitoring of all warehouse activities (reception, storage and order picking of goods) and review of the necessary information regarding important parameters of goods (quantity and type of packaging, weight and volume, production date, expiry date, serial numbers, etc.) in real time. Transport is managed based on satellite tracking of fleet, which allows determining of the location of the vehicle at all times and monitoring vehicle position on a map in real time.

Delta DMD principals are also assured in compliance with the required standards during the year. In 2014, there was not any recorded fault with respect to compliance with the rules regarding quality protection of the products designated by the principal.

Continuous development of operations aimed at improvement of the principals’ and consumers’ satisfaction in their products resulted in growth in turnover and unit sale of all brands.


  • Diageo reached a market share of 23.3%
  • Ferrero (confectionery) reached 11.3% market share
  • Johnson recorded 7% turnover growth and 9% of unit sale growth
  • Beiersdorf (Nivea) reached a market share of 26%

The long-term business partner, Diageo presented Delta DMD with three awards for quality distribution of its products, including the Distributor of the Year award in the competition of 32 markets.

In 2014 DTS realized:

  • growth in operating revenues of 36%
  • growth in international transportation of 187%
  • growth in domestic transport of 25%
  • fleet upgrade: 31 passenger cars and 6 Volvo trucks and semitrailers for international traffic

The service satisfaction survey of key and traditional customers is carried out on annual basis in order to achieve better cooperation.

The research involving traditional buyers was carried out using a questionnaire. The sample was made according to regional affiliation, i.e. the share of subject region in total turnover and the customer structure. From a total of 979 customers, 54 (5.51%) of them responded to the invitation to participate in the study. The resulting average score was 4.22.

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In response to the question: „Which service segment would you improve“, 19 of 54 customers specified the availability of goods, followed by documentation, and speed of delivery. The best reviewed segment is Communication and professionalism of personnel.

Seven of 9 key customers participated in the satisfaction survey of key customers.

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Due to a slight decline of the scores compared to 2013, Delta DMD established customer service in 2014. The main task of the service is to efficiently, effectively and promptly respond to all customer requirements in order to raise the level of customer satisfaction with the service provided.

The requests resolved by customer service:

  • External: customer complaints on the quality of delivery, documentation, service rendered, personnel attitude toward customers, etc.
  • Internal: monitoring the movement of goods, delay in delivery, availability of goods, etc.

In this way, a unique database of all complaints is organized, containing data on the time when the complaint was submitted, the sector to which it was addressed, on which occasion and when it was resolved, that is, when the response was sent to the client.

In all the sectors of Delta DMD and DTS, there is an employee to which the customer service submits the notification on the customer’s request. The task of this employee is to process the request within his/her sector and send the feedback to the customer service on the validity of customer’s request and possible solutions.

DMD and DTS plans for 2015:

  • expanding portfolio
  • expanding the scope of the logistics business
  • transformation of merchandising service into the promo service
  • further growth in domestic and international transport

Delta Auto

Delta Motors is the exclusive importer, distributor and servicer of BMW and MINI vehicles, while Delta Automoto is the exclusive distributor and servicer of Honda vehicles in the territory of Serbia and Montenegro. In 2014, all brands realized good business results despite 11% decline recorded in Serbian car market.

In 2014, BMW and MINI recorded sales growth of 5% compared to 2013. The sale of new vehicles grew by 3%, while the sale of used cars increased by 12% compared to 2013.

Delta Automoto, the exclusive distributor and servicer of Honda vehicles, recorded the sale at the same level as in 2013 when it comes to retail segment, however, fleet sale failed in 2014. On the other hand, in view of the fact that in the period January-December 2014, the car market in Serbia dropped by 2,359 vehicles (11%) compared to 2013, such results were satisfactory.

In their operation, Delta Motors and Delta Auto apply ISO 9001 standard and the internal standard of BMW Group Management Quality Assurance (QMA).

Delta Motors is the winner of the BMW Premium Selection award for 100% compliance with BMW standards.

In 2014, the following new models of BMW, MINI and Honda were presented:

  • two new BMW models: BMW X4 and BMW 2 Series Active Tourer
  • new improved BMW X6
  • new MINI, completely restyled and improved, but with distinctive features and brand tradition
  • new Honda family vehicle – Honda Civic Tourer

 To improve operations and meet the clients’ needs, Delta Motors and Delta Auto regularly conduct the satisfaction surveys of buyers and service users.

Testing of client satisfaction in BMW and Honda is carried out by telephone survey.

Following the rendered service, buyers of vehicles and users of service shop receive a phone call by an externally engaged Call Centre. The conversations are recorded, and the envisaged call duration is 3 minutes. The questions comprise the entire process of service provision and customer satisfaction in every aspect. Overall satisfaction is obtained by calculating the average values of all aspects, including the satisfaction by the showroom appearance, delivery, explanation of guarantees and the period for taking over the vehicle from servicing. After data processing, the research agency submits information to companies.

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The survey results are subject to detailed analysis. Based on comments of clients, it was concluded that better time organization in the BMW service shop is necessary, especially when it comes to routine regular services on BMW or MINI vehicles. Therefore, the so-called Fast Lane service was established by which the clients requesting regular servicing were given a special status. The service waiting time was reduced, and the clients could wait in the shop until the completion of servicing.

Decline in sales service satisfaction of 2% was due to the fact that the buyers of used vehicles were included in the survey, and since their satisfaction is more difficult to manage, such result is still considered a good one.

The survey of BMW clients is standardized in all countries in which this brand is present, only the survey is localized and carried out in official local language. Compared to other markets in the region, BMW Serbia has the best results of overall customer satisfaction in sale in B4-R1 region (Turkey, Israel, Morocco, Ukraine, and Egypt). When we compare the average score of other countries with Serbia, the following results are obtained:

The company performs testing of new vehicles prior to being taken over by the buyers, at two levels. The first level involves the check on delivery of vehicles in the showroom, and the second level is the so-called „initial service check-up“, carried out prior to delivery of the vehicle to the client. These checks are performed to make sure that the vehicle is completely in good order before its delivery to the buyer. If BMW headquarters determines a manufacturing defect based on a minimum sample on the vehicle, all buyers of such vehicles are invited to come and correct the defect by replacing the part at the expense of Delta Motors i.e. BMW headquarters.

The steps in developing client relationship:

  • free vehicle checks in the last month of warranty period: the clients whose warranty period is about to expire are invited to come for a free check-up of their vehicles; repairs are carried out at the expense of producers within the warranty period.
  • warranty extension in the BMW: the warranty terms are in line with the new Law on Consumer Protection, and additional clarifications referring to the extended warranty in BMW are also added, with which the clients are informed in details and that are submitted to them in writing.
  • introduction of Anti-corruption Procedures: led by good example, Honda introduced this procedure as well, although it was not required by the foreign partner. All employees were informed about the new procedure, and Labour contracts were amended by adding an article containing guidelines from this procedure.

Plans for 2015:

  • increase of satisfaction in the BMW and Honda service shops by 1.5% (BMW – 86.5%, Honda – 90.5%)
  • increase of satisfaction in sale by 2% (BMW – 95.9%, Honda – 96%)
  • new models of cars with efficient dynamic system (reduced % of exhaust emissions with better performance) growth in operating results based on the accurate positioning plan, presentations and representations with clients