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The Crowne Plaza Belgrade was opened in 2013 in Belgrade. It has 416 rooms (94 „club level” rooms with more luxurious interior), 32 suites, one presidential and one Features suite, 14 conference halls, two restaurants, a lobby bar, pastry shop, and a Spa centre with swimming pool.

Hotel’s operation is carried out in accordance with the IHG group standards, which implies that all procedures are guest-oriented, and all supporting activities are clearly defined. During 2014, various departments passed the work quality audit by IHG group experts. Special aspect of service quality check is the so-called „secret guest“ visit. In 2014, there were two such visits in the hotel resulting in excellent reviews.

In the first year of operation the hotel achieved excellent results:

  • 90.000 overnight stays
  • 25 conventions and 30 other major events
  • 4 awards, one of which is for the most humane hotel
  • the second place according to customer satisfaction among European IHG hotel group
  • the second place among all the hotels in the world operating under the Crowne Plaza brand
  • the third place in the competition of hotels under the Green Engage project
  • the first place for the quality of service according to the reviews of visitors/members of IG Reverse Club

In order to improve its services, the hotel regularly conducts reviews of guest satisfaction in all segments of services and hotel sectors. The review is carried out through questionnaires submitted to all guests who stayed overnight as well as to all the users of banquet space. The results of the 2014 survey showed that the Crowne Plaza Belgrade was the second best hotel within Continental Europe region of IGH hotels. The average score of guest satisfaction was 9.8.

In 2014, the Crowne Plaza Belgrade received another praiseworthy recognition by regular visitors of the IHG group hotels: the members of IHG Reverse Club named it the best hotel according to the quality of services provided to its guests.

Comments on and Trip Advisor websites and other operating systems for booking rooms are monitored regularly and the employees pay special attention to them. All comments are responded by personalized messages, while any possible complaint is directed to the department responsible for this segment of operation and it is required to correct the deficiency as soon as possible.

The relations with hotel guests are also carefully developed by additional activities such as:

  • the respect for significant dates, like the company day, national day, anniversaries, significant accomplishments,
  • every 4 months, Sales Blitz activities are organized. These are short meetings intended for sharing information about the hotel services and the needs of clients in order to improve further cooperation.

The menus in all the restaurants are adapted to different tastes and needs: apart from conventional dishes, the guests can opt for vegan, gluten-free and Halal dishes. Once a month foodstuffs are controlled by the Centre for Food Analysis (CIN), while IHG group checks the quality of food on annual basis.

In order to ensure completely equal service for all guests and respect of fundamental human rights, the hotel is fully accessible to people with disabilities. A special part of the reception desk is adapted for wheelchair users. The lobby and toilets are also adjusted to the needs of people with disabilities. The elevators signage is also in Braille, and the keyboard is set vertically.

The rooms designated for people with disabilities are on the first floor, and all connectors and card readers are lowered to the height of 88 cm. In four of these rooms holders in wardrobe are at a height of 1,2m, to enable accessibility to wheelchair users. Parking is marked in compliance with the regulations, and all the curbs are lowered. All the restaurants have menus in Braille.

  • For the next year, the Crowne Plaza Belgrade plans to:
  • increase the number of overnight stays and room occupancy
  • increase the occupancy of halls for conferences and other events
  • maintain the level of quality of service

Crowne Plaza zaposleni

Hotel Park is located in the centre of Belgrade, near the pedestrian zone. It belongs to the three-star category hotel. It is fully renovated in 2012. The Hotel Park is a modern and comfortable hotel, with a restaurant, a City Café, banquet halls, and fitness&wellness facilities.

The hotel fully adapted its service to the needs of its guests. Continental Restaurant is well-known for the quality international and national cuisine. Its offer consists of tastes inspired by different culinary cultures, but it also cherishes the traditional local cuisine, using fresh and healthy products. Hotel Park also offers vegan, gluten-free and Halal dishes. Food safety is regularly checked by external and internal quality control services. Furthermore, in order to monitor standards of preparation and storage of food, the kitchen equipment was changed.

Its city hotel image was completed by the pet friendly feature.

  • The 2014 results:
  • 500 overnight stays
  • 8 large conferences
  • 7 big sporting events
  • 2014 Award of Excellence by Guest Reviews
  • new key clients awarded 2014 Award of Excellence to the Park Hotel based on guests’ comments. Each guest assesses six features of the hotel and makes overall assessment. Starting from the guests’ comments, the Hotel put additional efforts and improved performance in categories of service, friendliness and cleanliness. On the website, the Park Hotel has the review score 8.3, which is by 0.3 higher compared to the previous year. According to the guests, the best reviewed features are the Hotel’s location and friendly staff.

Improvement of the hotel services during 2014:

  • enabled online reservation on the web site
  • elevator repair and renovation of offices
  • replacement of flooring in public zones
  • all employees attended trainings in communication skills and providing services of superior quality
  • New Year’s business gifts of small value to nurture customers relations

 The plans for 2015:

  • construction of the banquet hall on the top floor
  • increase in the number of overnight stays
  • increase in the number of banquets

Hotel Park 2

 Delta City shopping mall

Delta City Belgrade is the first shopping mall in Serbia built according to international standards[1]. It features modern exterior architecture and interior design. To its visitors, it offers great combination of brands and entertainment in 126 shops.

During 2014, Delta City had 10 million visitors, which is the highest annual number of visitors since its establishment.

Shopping mall offer during 2014:

  • 6 new brands
  • 98 various socially responsible events
  • 320 entertainment events

In Delta City Belgrade shopping mall, educational and humanitarian events are regularly held, during which the visitors can learn about the activities of various civil society organizations. In this way, these organizations have the opportunity to draw the attention of society on the challenges of their members, and the shopping mall visitors can help those in need of help. Delta City provides the exhibition space free of charge to these organizations.

In addition, the shopping mall organizes numerous fun and leisure events for different generations such as: fashion shows, concerts, children’s theatre performances, creative and educational workshops. The satisfaction of visitors is continuously monitored through the guest book. The hygiene in the facility is regularly monitored and so is the quality of food in 15 bars and restaurants.

The organization of numerous humanitarian actions and activities dedicated to the education of children and youth is planned for the next year.

Business Complexes

Apartments and office space Mala kula and Impuls Hol are located in New Belgrade. The total surface of the buildings is 43,000 m², while the leasing surface is 23,500 m².

2014 figures:

  • office space occupancy: 85%
  • 102 tenants
  • commenced renovation of 9.800m² of office space

 In 2014, the first stage of works on Mala kula was successfully completed. The refurbishment at this stage included the restoration of the facade and interior of the building as well as the replacement of installations. Upon completion of the works, the company will have new modern premises for rent.

Plans for 2015:

  • completion of works on Mala kula
  • growth in office space occupancy to 100%

Poslovni prostor