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To adhere to one vision, adapting one’s practice to current situation at the same time – that is the recipe that Delta has been using in its operation for the past 24 years. The recipe that was proved sustainable in the long term and that makes us a strong company nowadays, ready to face new challenges.

Our vision is to develop companies with high market value. In 2014, this effort resulted in the sale of our insurance company. This way, we proceeded with the trend launched by the sale of banking business and the retail business, thus definitely positioning Delta as the most successful seller of companies in this region. Through the development and sale of companies in the last decade, we have secured more than EUR 1.5 billion for further investments.

In this effort, we firmly adhere to our corporate values: to be exceptional in the quality that we provide; to apply innovative solutions; to operate with full integrity, in compliance with legislation and respect for people and good business practices; to achieve ultimate accomplishments, and to care for our people, considering them the greatest asset of a company.

The conditions in which we operated were by no means easy. Our market is distinctive for its low purchasing power, poor credit activity, and high illiquidity of the economy. Unemployment is one of the biggest issues of Serbian economy, and additional problems in 2014 were created by nature, i.e. by unprecedented floods that struck Serbia.

In such conditions, Delta has continued to develop, but also to adapt to the current situation. It should be also noted that flood damage repair was in the focus of our concern for the community. In this campaign, Delta has invested EUR 860,000, many hours of work and even more empathy for the people affected by the disaster. I believe that our behavior during the tragic natural disaster is a credit to every employee in the company.

Our second focus was also adjusted to current problem in our market, i.e. unemployment. By investing over EUR 27 million, we created new jobs. In addition, through Young Leaders Programme, we have contributed to keeping considerable number of young professionals in Serbia, a country in which they were raised and educated. The fact that more than 4,600 people with high education have applied for a job in our company is a great compliment and confirmation that the Delta is one of the most desirable employers in our market.

Delta has ambitious plans for the following period:

  • further investments that will enable the development of the company and progress of the society in which we operate, mainly by employment growth
  • continued strong contribution to society, inter alia, through the implementation of the second endowment project, the Centre for Sports and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities

On our way towards the realization of ambitious goals, we will adhere to the well-known principles that have enabled our sustainable growth:

  • our corporate values, and
  • Global Compact Ten Principles

With corporate culture developed in Delta and with power of human resources that we have, I am convinced that we will successfully implement the set goals.

Miroslav Mišković,

The President of Delta Holding